Here’s Why We Can’t Live Without Sweet Water / Fresh Water

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Water has much more to offer than quenching our thirst. 63% of the human body contains water which means we need water for our survival. Our brain, muscles, and heart work because of water. Not just that, people use gallons of water for irrigation, construction, and much more every day. The best part about water is that it is treatable and put to use again.

First, let us give you a brief on sweet water.

Sweet water or fresh water is all the naturally occurring water except brackish water and seawater. It includes ice caps, ice sheets, icebergs, glaciers, lakes, bog, rivers, streams, and groundwater. It has a low concentration of salt but is rich in minerals. 

Sweet water cannot be used in its crude form, however, it can be consumed after treatment. It is prone to contamination by humans which makes it unfit for usage. And Globalexuae is an expert at treating and supplying sweet water which can be used for various purposes. It is a leading supplier in the UAE. 

Water is an underrated resource yet our existence largely depends on it. We have rounded up some of the primary uses of sweet water. 

Let’s begin.

1. Agriculture depends on it.

Are you aware that 69% of worldwide sweet water is consumed for irrigation? Out of which 15-35% of irrigation is unsustainable. The irrigation method and the usage of sweet water depend largely on the type of crop. There are multiple ways of irrigating a field like overhead sprinkler irrigation, furrow irrigation which is less expensive but less efficient at the same time. Some other methods of irrigation include surge irrigation, trickle irrigation, etc where the water reaches the roots directly. So, humans need sweet water for essentials like crop cultivation.

2. Industrial use

22% of freshwater goes into industrial use. Many powerplants use it for cooling, as a power source. Oil and ore refineries need to dissolve their solvents into the water to manufacture their chemical products. The consumption of water in the industrial field is very wide, however, the usage is lower than the agricultural sector overall.

Discharge of untreated water that comes from industries leads to water pollution. Sometimes, this water contains chemicals that can kill aquatic life. How about treating this water before discharging in the water bodies? Let’s take an initiative to be kinder on the mother nature and use our services to treat water waste.

  • Hydroelectricity

The very fundamental use of sweet water is the generation of power also known as hydropower. It comes from driving a turbine with the help of water that is connected to a generator. Hydropower is nonpolluting, cost-effective and on top of it, renewable source energy. 

  • Constructions

Constructions are incomplete without the sweet water. A huge amount of it is used in construction sites, like mixing of the raw material, wetting the cement after setting it, and many other purposes. 

  • Swimming Pools

We all love swimming, don’t we? Have you ever thought where does that water comes from or how the treatment takes place? Sweet water is extensively used to fill up swimming pools all around the world. Sweet water pools have no chemicals in it and it feels much closer to the water from rivers and oceans. However, maintaining pools of this type of water can be a task. But the hard work is definitely worth it.

3. Household Usage

8% of the sweet water is used for household purposes. It includes bathing, drinking water, sanitation, cooking, and gardening. As per an estimation made by Peter Gleick, a person needs around 50 litres of sweet water every day. After going through some treatments this water is fit for drinking purpose.

4. Environmental Use

Sweet water helps us in creating artificial lakes, artificial wetlands formed with the intention to create wildlife-like habitat. Water in the aquariums, fisheries that spawn fish also use the same water.

It is quite clear that sweet water is one of the basic amenities for humans. Contact Globalexaue for all your sweet water requirements in Dubai. We will be more than happy to provide our high-quality and on-time services.

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