Salt Water Services in Dubai

Salt water

Saltwater, also referred to as saline water is used for a number of purposes such as aquariums, construction, landscaping, pools etc.

Salt Water Services in Dubai

In addition to sweet water and portable water, our supply and transportation services include supplying of saltwater to different locations in Dubai. To ensure timely delivery of salt water, we are equipped with a dedicated team and well-maintained tankers. Every day a substantial number of saltwater tankers are served to construction sites, marine industry and various other purposes in Dubai. Besides supplying saltwater in Dubai, Globalex also has expertise in saltwater removal

Salt Water Transportation

Globalex has been providing transportation services for years in Dubai. We specialise in dealing with the transportation of saltwater besides supplying and removal. We have a dedicated fleet of tankers available for both short and long term requirements.

Globalex provides 10,000 Gallons, 5,000-gallon tankers for saltwater transportation in Dubai. We have a personalised garage for maintainable of water tankers. The garage is operated and driven by dedicated staff, which is available round the clock for assistance.

Whether you need it for landscaping or for construction sites, or for other purposes, Globalex is a partner to bank on. Our motive is a happy customer. Go ahead and feel free to contact us for your saltwater supply and transportation needs.