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AC maintenance Dubai

Dubai’s desert climate is liked by everyone living here, however, it is everyone’s worst nightmare if your AC runs out in these sunny conditions. Not just that, Dubai encounters mild winters so it will be an unpleasant experience throughout the year. Ensuring a regular AC maintenance Services in Dubai is the ideal solution to keep your residence and office’s atmosphere cool and fresh throughout the year. 

Globalex best ac maintenance in Dubai, AC Repair in Dubai realize the hour of need and issues to maintain the AC in the scorching heat of Dubai. We provide emergency service to all our customers. You can always count on us to arrive at your location fast and get the job done right the first time. Our experts use state-of-the-art diagnostic equipment to find the source of your air conditioning problems and quickly resolve them.

How to know you need AC Service?

  • Humidity level exceeds in your room 
  • High DEWA bills
  • Airflow is not sufficient 
  • Infrequent sounds from your AC unit with continually dripping water. 

With an efficient and integrated work management model, we save your time, money and prevent small problems from becoming big issues. Simply request a quote and our ac maintenance Dubai team will contact you to better understand your problem and resolve it in time.

Our Top AC maintenance Dubai services involve:

Analyze Cooling Efficiency

With a temperature gun, our experts will determine your AC cooling efficiency and make effective measures to increase its efficiency. Whether you request for AC Repair Dubai or AC Repair Sharjah our teams will reach your destination along with their equipped kits. 

Examine and Sanitize AC parts

With advanced tools, our experts will determine the performance of your AC hardware. For a cleaner environment, we will sanitize filters, disinfectant the vents along with cleaning the drain line. Also, request before and after photos to see the difference. 

Evaporator and Fan Performance check

We are experts in measuring airflow static pressure and your AC unit air velocity in the field. Our experts perform deep analysis to verify if the evaporator coils, filters, or blower has any blockage and make sure the AC fan is working properly or not. 

Thermostat Maintenance 

Our experts will check and balance your thermostat with an advanced laser temperature gauge. Keep your home and office at the ideal suitable temperature. Our experts test the wires individually to see which one is faulty and eliminate minor to major faults. 

Optimal Air-flow Maintenance 

Want to increase airflow and keep cool air throughout the house? Our experts will make sure the right airflow across every room. Every room’s airflow need varies from others. By diverting air from various vents we will maintain the ideal temperature. 

Customer Feedback

Customer satisfaction and feedback are our priorities. After completing the task our experts will ask you to checklist the performance feedback chart. Your feedback is important to us and we are always open to your opinions. 

Periodic air conditioner maintenance Dubai

Periodic maintenance is the service that must be done by the authorized company and includes the controls. Our ac maintenance Dubai performs all periodic procedures checks like maintaining high-low pressure values ​​of R-22, Voltage-current, and socket connections.

FAQS about Ac Maintenance Dubai

These are frequently asked questions by our users. We have tried to compile them all to resolve your queries. In case, you still have any questions please feel free to call us at +971-55-9286666. Our support is available 24/7 to answer your calls and resolve your queries.

What happens if the air conditioner is not maintained?

If you are wondering what happens when you don’t hire AC maintenance in Dubai service?

If the air conditioner is not maintained and cleaned, it poses a risk to your health. Dirt and dust accumulate in unmaintained air conditioners, prevents the cold airflow from reaching the ceiling. Therefore, the cold air flow towards the persons sitting in your living room threatens the health like:  

  • It causes respiratory tract infections.
  • It causes factors that cause headaches.
  • It provides an environment for the formation of legionella bacteria.
  • If the air conditioner is not maintained, malfunctions will begin.
  • It consumes more electricity.
  • While efficiency decreases by 25%, it also prevents you from saving electricity.
  • Additionally, your AC maintenance cost increases.

In short, if you hire ac servicing Dubai maintenance and cleaning, it will be light on your budget and good on your health.

What is the right time for AC maintenance?

The answer to the question of when to do air conditioner maintenance is as follows: The best time for maintenance is twice a year, before the summer, high humidity seasons and when winter seasons begin. Apart from that, you should clean the filters regularly every 15 days.

How much does AC maintenance service cost?

Air conditioner maintenance prices and periodic maintenance are determined by controls. The maintenance price for each air conditioner varies.

What are the Procedures Applied during Air Conditioning Maintenance?

The answer to this question varies from AC unit to model. However, if we talk about general AC maintenance then the step by step process will be:

  • First of all, the exterior of the air conditioner is cleaned. At this stage, air conditioner outdoor unit cleaning is performed.
  • Then the serpentine part of the air conditioner is thoroughly cleaned.
  • Afterwards, the extremely necessary refrigerant leakage control is performed.
  • After the exterior cleaning is completed, the interior cleaning of the air conditioner begins. At this stage, air conditioner indoor unit cleaning is performed.
  • Communication line and electronic card connection sockets, as well as the electrical connection points in the unit, are also checked.
  • The mechanical connections of the fan and all moving parts are checked.
  • Ac filters are sanitized and disinfectants pass through them.

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