Water jetting services in Dubai

In any cleaning industry, water jetting or high-pressure water blasting is a very efficient, cost-effective and environment-friendly process of cleaning dirt from any type of surface. It is used to clean pipes, tanks, roads, pathways, etc. High-pressure water penetrates and emulsifies grease to make it easily removable. Its pressure is high enough to break up sludge and debris so that the surfaces become absolutely clean.

Every type of business needs a high-pressure water jetting service. Some of them are:-

  • ● Restaurants
  • ● Hotels
  • ● Apartments and complexes
  • ● Hospitals and nursing homes
  • ● Schools and universities
  • ● Supermarkets and shopping malls
  • ● Amusement parks
  • ● Factories
  • ● Car washing industries

Globalex provides quality high-pressure water jetting services in Dubai. Specialist trainers use safe practices to clean surfaces in a fast and cost-efficient manner and thereby gives them a long life.