Truck washing services in Dubai

Washing a truck means to free it from any foreign substances on it. Trucks are usually used to transport material from one place to another. But if these vehicles are not clean, they may cause damage to the load that they are carrying besides destroying their own internal machinery

Regular travel of trucks exposes it to dirt, mud, oil, and various kinds of other harmful chemical contamination which can lead to its operational inefficiency. Globalex provides safe and secure cleansing techniques to wash your truck, without harming any of its sensitive parts. The most common method used is the water jetting technique.

Process of washing a truck:

  • ● The water used for washing a truck is very clean, with no chemical mixture. Its temperature is medium but sometimes if the dirt is too much, higher temperatures may be used.
  • ● Water is sprayed on the truck at a high pressure to get rid of any kind of dirt at even the hardest place to reach.
  • ● The vehicle is sanitised with a suitable sanitiser
  • ● Then the vehicle is dried before loading anything onto it.