Sewage Lift Station Cleaning in Dubai

A sewage lift station is used to pump wastewater from a lower to a higher elevation. It consists of a well where the sewage is disposed of temporarily. When the sewage reaches a specific predetermined level, a lift pump lifts it through a pipe system also called the lift station. The lift station discharges the sewage through a manhole into a treatment plant

Sometimes the lift stations become quite greasy due to the nature of the waste going into it. Once this grease builds up on the pumps, the whole system of lift stations becomes inefficient or even stops working which may damage it permanently. Thus a proper and effective cleaning system is required to enhance the efficiency of lift stations and to ensure the proper disposal of waste.

At Globalex, we believe that cleaning must be done once you see the first-minute signs of grease or debris appearing. Lift stations should be monitored regularly to avoid permanent damage. We use the best techniques to clean sewage lift stations. The most popular technique we use is water jetting method which ensures that no amount of dirt is left inside. The lift station is sanitised also to free it from the accumulated germs.